Cedars of Lebanon Farm LLC
197 Scott Hill Rd., Lebanon, CT

A hobby farm in Lebanon, Connecticut producing artisan Maple Syrup infused with flavors.

We are sold out of our large bottles of syrup, but have 2 ounce sampler sizes available for gift boxes. Locally the drought has been broken (Woohoo!!) and the Gypsy Moth Caterpillars were contained by a virus which kept them from getting to the Maple trees this year.  We have also added two more farms to our sugarbush. All that gives us hope that next year's harvest will be a better one!

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8 ounce: $10.50 SOLD OUT ;

12 ounce: $14.50  SOLD OUT

Vanilla Bean Infused Maple Syrup: Pure Connecticut Maple syrup infused with aromatic vanilla beans. Delicious over French toast!

8 ounce: $14.00 SOLD OUT

12 ounce: $20.00  SOLD OUT

Cinnamon Stick Infused Maple Syrup: Our 100% Connecticut Maple syrup is bottled hot with a stick of cinnamon to draw out the subtle hint of spice. Amazing over waffles!

8 ounce: $12.50   SOLD OUT

12 ounce: $17.50  SOLD OUT

Coffee Bean Infused Maple SyrupOur 100% Connecticut Maple syrup is bottled hot with a few dark roast coffee beans to draw out the bold flavor. Can you imagine it over chocolate ice cream?

 8 ounce: $12.00  SOLD OUT 

12 ounce: $17.00 SOLD OUT

 Ginger Infused Maple SyrupOur 100% Connecticut Maple syrup is finished with fresh ginger root slices to infuse that pungent flavor. This syrup is great for more savory dishes.

 8 ounce: $12.00 SOLD OUT

12 ounce: $17.00 SOLD OUT

Star Anise Infused Maple Syrup: Kind of like a black jellybean!
8 ounce: $12.50

12 ounce: $17.50

IN STOCK Build-your-own Gift box containing your choice of three 2 ounce bottles of our syrups: Maple, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Coffee, Ginger, and Mystery Flavor!




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 Our Farm Store is open SATURDAYS from 10- 4                                    Check our Upcoming Events page for news. Visit our Etsy store


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