Cedars of Lebanon Farm LLC
197 Scott Hill Rd., Lebanon, CT

A hobby farm in Lebanon, Connecticut producing artisan Maple Syrup infused with flavors.

November 25, 2017    10am-3pm

Enjoy hot coffee while shopping the many crafters, producers, & makers. Visit the calf, chickens, and the YAK! 


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8 ounce: $10.50 SOLD OUT ;

12 ounce: $14.50  SOLD OUT

Vanilla Bean Infused Maple Syrup: Pure Connecticut Maple syrup infused with aromatic vanilla beans. Delicious over French toast!

8 ounce: $14.00 SOLD OUT

12 ounce: $20.00  SOLD OUT

Cinnamon Stick Infused Maple Syrup: Our 100% Connecticut Maple syrup is bottled hot with a stick of cinnamon to draw out the subtle hint of spice. Amazing over waffles!

8 ounce: $12.50   SOLD OUT

12 ounce: $17.50  SOLD OUT

Coffee Bean Infused Maple SyrupOur 100% Connecticut Maple syrup is bottled hot with a few dark roast coffee beans to draw out the bold flavor. Can you imagine it over chocolate ice cream?

 8 ounce: $12.00  SOLD OUT 

12 ounce: $17.00 SOLD OUT

 Ginger Infused Maple SyrupOur 100% Connecticut Maple syrup is finished with fresh ginger root slices to infuse that pungent flavor. This syrup is great for more savory dishes.

 8 ounce: $12.00 SOLD OUT

12 ounce: $17.00 SOLD OUT

Star Anise Infused Maple Syrup: Kind of like a black jellybean!
8 ounce: $12.50

12 ounce: $17.50

IN STOCK Build-your-own Gift box containing your choice of three 2 ounce bottles of our syrups: Maple, Vanilla Bean, Cinnamon, Coffee, Ginger, and Mystery Flavor!




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 Our Farm Store is open SATURDAYS from 10- 4                                    Check our Upcoming Events page for news. Visit our Etsy store


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